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Paul Hill

Managing Director


Paul has worked directly in the financial markets both in Australia and the UK holding senior positions for over 19 years. Paul’s expertise is in most areas of investments including capital raising for new and exciting companies, global equity and derivatives markets with an additional focus on alternative investments such as precious metals and investment into the British film industry. Paul is a renowned business development consultant to many providers of financial services and has founded and held CEO and director positions at some of Australia’s most successful financial service providers.

Paul along with his Cult Wines Australia co-founder Harley has a passion for recognizing fine wine as a genuine asset class to rival other traditional investments and to introduce this exciting marketplace to traditional investors as a way of diversification with an excellent opportunity for capital growth.

Such is his love for fine wine Paul recently held his wedding in one of the boutique vineyards just outside of Melbourne to ensure the guests had a good vintage to toast the newly married couple.  When it comes to drinking Paul doesn’t stray to far from a decent Chablis from Burgundy or the excellent Leuwin estate art series Chardonnay if he is drinking closer to home.