The UK’s fastest growing wine company


With more than 15 years of experience in fine wine and as one of the UK’s largest fine wine investment companies, we are perfectly positioned to assist and advise our private clients to exploit the full potential of investment in this market.


We are a family based company with core values of openness and transparency who have worked hard to establish a reputation built on mutual trust between ourselves and our wide range of clients around the globe.

Cult Wines Ltd boasts a highly trained team of investment specialists who bring with them a wealth of financial markets expertise and fine wine experience. Our highly capable staff excel at crafting sophisticated and highly responsive portfolios and are well-equipped in stock selection and strategising routes to market.

One of our key strengths that differentiates us from the market is our dynamic and forward-thinking approach to analysis and research, we are constantly engaged in the task of planning future strategies and providing our clients with up to the minute market data on a regular basis.

We recognise the importance of providing high quality support services and maintain open channels of contact between members of our team and clients, and are more than happy to invite visitors to join us in person at our offices in Hammersmith.

The team here is dedicated to the generation of returns and delivering best market value with a service widely recognised as the most competitive in the UK. Our specialists are ready to provide the necessary expertise, tools and market experience to enable you to build a profitable fine wine portfolio tailored to your own personal investment goals. We know our strengths lie in our people- dedicated, experienced and driven personnel across accounting, logistics and administration who will ensure that your asset management requirements are met at every level.