Burgundy 2015 Report


Burgundy 2015 Report


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Those amongst you with your ear to the floor will have already heard the drum roll building for the latest 2015 Burgundy vintage. Just as it nears a crescendo, we bring you the Cult Wines Burgundy 2015 Report providing our own analytical insight to what has been described as one of the strongest vintages for the last 30 years.


There is no question that Pinot Noir had a better time than Chardonnay, and in certain areas the reds are going to prove some of best ever made by respective producers – mouth-watering stuff and music to the ears of the Burgundian collectors and consumers globally. The only downside is that there simply won’t be enough to go round. The inherently restrictive geographical collage of communes that comprise the Cote d’Or leave allocations extremely tight and none more so than in prime vintages such as this.


The Cult Wines team went over to check first hand at the end of last year and returned with unwavering optimism - this is a vintage that carries all of the necessary ingredients for greatness. Perhaps the most interesting observation shared by the team was that whilst it is not a vintage of homogenous quality, it is vintage that breaks down the tiers between crus. As can be seen with a number of Neal Martin’s scores many of the villages wines boast better scores than their premier cru counterparts and the same is true of a host of premiers that have outscored grand crus. This is essentially a vintage which rewards those who inspect each and every release from top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned in pursuit of the best value and quality available.


The obvious question of price carries an equally obvious answer – expensive. This tag has become somewhat inevitable but, much like with certain 2015 clarets, back-filling where relevant is going to prove a key element of the strategy. In our opinion, buying well in Burgundy 2015 is synonymous with buying well in value back vintages and the two together will provide a superb long term vessel for growth.


In this report you will gain a valuable insight to Burgundy, the region and 2015, the vintage. We have drawn comparison where relevant and cover all aspects in detail that will offer an unrivalled perspective. With the starter ready to drop his flag, we expect readers of this report to be fully versed on how best to navigate the latest and most exciting Burgundy campaign for decades.



In this comprehensive report, you will discover:


  • Burgundy 2015 Vintage Report.
  • Scores and critic appraisal from our top selection of producers.
  • Comparative data and performance figures.
  • Burgundy market overview and EP rules of engagement.
  • CW Burgundy Index up 96.8% since 2011.
  • Overview of 2015 vintage – a stellar vintage for reds.