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SMSF Investments

Fine wine investments and SMSF

Fine wine investing as with the majority of other genuine investment asset classes such as property, shares and managed funds can be invested as part of a self managed super fund as long as certain conditions are met.

Here at Cult Wines our investment strategies are suitable to be used as part of an SMSF but as with all investments you should consult with your trustee before looking to add fine wine investment as part of your superannuation fund.


Rules for Wine investment and SMSF

Effective from April 2011 all investments classed as ‘collectibles’ and ‘personal use assets’ must be independently stored, have adequate insurance and be independently valued.

Here at Cult Wines our fine wine investment portfolios cover all of the guidelines as our investments are all independently stored with full insurance to cover the full replacement value and all clients are able to instantly see independent valuations from LIV-EX the worlds leading fine wine exchange by accessing the client area of our site.


Opening an SMSF account

Opening an SMSF account with Cult Wines couldn’t be simpler, when applying for a no obligation account simply open the account in the name of your SMSF and add the name of the person or persons who are eligible to act on behalf of the account.


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