World’s first blue wine goes on sale

Posted by Rachel England on 23 July 2015

Breaking the mould of red, white and rose, a group of young Spanish entrepreneurs have created the world’s first blue wine.

Hailing from Bierzo in northwest Spain, the wine, named ‘Gik’, is made from red and white grapes and took two years to develop.

Its base is created with red and white grapes, before anthocyanins and indigo pigments are added to turn it blue. Finally, the wine is softened with sweeteners. Gik’s makers recommend serving the 11.5% abv wine cold, due to its sweetness.

The wine’s website describes the colour blue as representative of “movement, innovation, fluidity, change and infinity”.

Speaking to Olive Press, a spokesperson said: “We wanted to create an innovative and daring product in tune with the changing world – the wine industry needs a little revolution.”

The wine is available from the Gik website at €10 a bottle. The creators hope to make the wine at different wineries across Spain in the future.

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