Merchants only marginally overestimated price increases in 2017

Posted by Rachel England on 10 January 2018

Last year’s Liv-ex members’ survey revealed merchants believed the closing level of the Liv-ex 100 in December would be 320.6 – up 7.8%. The platform has now revealed the closing level was actually 312.69, marking a gain of 5.7%.

According to Liv-ex, merchants were closer to guessing the correct outcome for 2017 than any other year.

Most merchants (89.4%) believed the index would increase, although the majority (63.8%) thought it would move up more than it did. The highest estimate was a closing level of 389.75, while the lowest was 249.98.

The overall winner predicted the year would close at 312.97, just 0.28 points off the final result.

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