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How to start investing in wine?

Investing in fine wine is an exciting, exclusive and a potentially profitable investment option. Cult Wines prides itself on offering clients support and assistance to all clients no matter what their level of experience it.

How to begin:

1. Create a free account.

Set up a wine investment account today with no minimum balance and receive your own personal login via email and access to Cult Wines client investment opportunities.


2. Liaise with a Portfolio Manager.

We advise all investors to contact a Portfolio Manager in order to build a portfolio that is right for them. The aim is to construct a wine portfolio drawing on your investment objectives, and our tailored analysis.


3. Selecting the Wines.

After consultation with a Portfolio Manager, you will receive a recommendation based around your investment budget and wine preferences with all supporting analysis for each selected wine. Investors are urged to set a 3-5 year horizon for their portfolios to enjoy the typical market cycle.


Get your wine investment journey underway today by creating your own free, no obligation account with Cult Wines and receive your own personal login and exclusive access to Cult Wines client investment opportunities.


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